Understanding the present days’ truth of Medicare plans

The past few years Medicare supplement plans get bad reputations. There are some reasons for this. Let discuss the reasons like:

  1. Many crooked agents sell supplement plan without any idea of best interests of the Medicare beneficiary. Some dishonest agent sells the best plan to people for their situation to make their commission.

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CMS (the centre for the Medicare and Medicaid Services) and Medicare control these type of activities but there are a lot of agents who are still involved in these type of nonsense.

  1. Many supplement plans are showing that they have very low or zero-premium plans. People are seeing this and think that they are getting against nothing. But the truth is not as simple as like that. Co-insurance, higher drug cost, co-pays and many more plans are a high-cost premium for Medigap policy.

If we have been looking in the year 2010, there are no out of pocket costs. So you might be amenable to pay huge money for your medical care cost.

  1. Another fault is the plan is restricted to seeing approved providers. Normally you can choose PCP (primary care physician) but if you want to go to the specialist, you get must any referrals from your primary care doctor.

Though the planning act as many negative roles sometimes, so supplement plan is not the right choice of the beneficiaries of Medicare. But nowadays the plan is in the best interest of people and gives good protection to people than traditional Medicare (part A and part B). There are more people who can’t afford to give any monthly premium for a prescription drug plan (part D) and Medicare supplement policy (Medigap).

The people who cannot afford to give or pay the monthly premium there may definitely one plan are executed which give all protections like maximum out of pocket (MOOP). Here the question has arrived that supplement plans are right for every people? First of all, it is not all about life insurance plan or retirement plan or any long-term plan and secondly, there is no way to say that an supplement plan is best or Medigap plan is best.


Supplement plan is not best interesting plan for Medicare beneficiaries. But still, this plan is good for many people. The plan must have a goal to help people to feel secure, save money and give the feeling that the plan should be their right choice.

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