Medicare Advantage Plan G is a very comprehensive plan. It is almost similar to the Plan F. However, the two plans are different in the sense that the plan G does not cover Medicare Part B deductible which is catered by the plan F.  Some of the out-of-pocket expenses that are catered for the plan G include Medicare Part A deductible, Medicare Part B excess charges, Medicare Part B copayments and coinsurance, Medicare Part A copayments and coinsurance in hospice care, Coinsurance in skilled nursing facility care and it also covers for the first three pints of blood that you receive in case of a medical procedure. It also covers Medicare part A coinsurance and medical costs for inpatients for a period of an additional 365 days after depleting your Medicare benefits. It also covers 80% of approved costs up to plan limits in foreign medical emergency travel.

Medicare advantage plan G and F are the only plans that cater for the Part B excess charges. These are the additional charges charged by a doctor or hospitals that are above the Medicare approved charges. The Medicare Advantage insurance Plan G has a very wide coverage and is available at https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/. If you have a medical condition that needs frequent hospital visits or you have too many out of pocket expenses that are increasing your medical bills, plan G is an option that you should consider. This plan is quite expensive due to the comprehensive coverage and you should hence consider some factors like affordability. The plan is sold by most of the private insurance companies in different states.

The prices of the plan may differ due to different pricing strategies by insurance companies. The benefits that you receive with the Plan G are however standardized and they are hence similar despite the insurance company you purchase the plan from. Plan G is also not a compulsory plan that private insurance companies are required to have. Many insurance companies have to offer the Plan A on compulsory basis. They then offer either Plan C or plan F where many opt for the Plan F due to its comprehensive coverage. The plan G may prove hard to find as some of the insurance companies may not provide it as it is almost similar to plan F. Before deciding on settling on this plan, you should research to know if there are insurance companies in your state offering the plan.

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