An Intro to Medicare Advantage Plans

When a senior retires and no longer has health insurance from their work, they will have to start looking for other options available to them. Usually a senior will want to join Medicare, but they will need to look at all the options they may choose from. Not all options are beneficial to everyone, so they will need to look carefully at all the plans available. Medicare Advantage Plans have been accessible since they were introduced in 1997. They are also known as MA Plans or Part C plans and they are also a part of Medicare.  It may be a good program for you, because the costs can be lower than having Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and a Medicare supplement plan.

You will need to determine which of these options is best for you. If you would like your prescription drugs taken care of, a Medicare Advantage Plan would be most beneficial. Medicare Part A and Part B also have a Medicare Part D plan that help with prescription drugs and will have an additional premium to pay for them. If you wish to have prescription drug costs included in your Medicare Advantage Plan, there will be an extra cost for this. One must be aware, that when you have an advantage plan, you may not also have a Medicare supplement plan. That plan goes with Medicare Part A and Part B and takes care of the amount Medicare does not cover when it pays for medical expenses.

The benefits of a Medicare Advantage Plan are numerous. This type of medical insurance works with Medicare to cover all your medical expenses. You will acquire a Medicare Advantage Plan from individual insurance companies that work with Medicare, to cover all the medical charges. The benefit will be that you will not have to pay a separate premium that you would for a Medicare supplement plan. Many Medicare Advantage Plans are free to those who are 65 or older and who have Medicare Part B, which can be a much better way to pay for your medical expenses. Medicare Advantage Plans will seem more beneficial since a person will not have to pay for an additional Aetna Medicare supplement plan. Advantage plans are more affordable to a senior. The premiums may be lower, as long as, a senior is prepared to go to physicians that are offered in the Medicare Advantage Plan network and agree to pay some copayments when needed.

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